Anyway I'm going to keep with my blog

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#1 FryeJacob » 05.10.2021, 09:32

Hello everyone, This is my third blog on the Evolution of Combat, and my hands are shaking as I write. It's not difficult to feel the excitement that is rumbling around our office with the upcoming beta launch. It's amazing! We have been surrounded by people for the entire weekend, playing, testing at the beta worlds. The PvP battles have been incredible! I cannot wait to see what your take on it all.

Anyway I'm going to keep with my blog. The last time I wrote, I began to dissect some of the challenges we have set ourselves to solve through the Evolution of Combat. This blog will continue on that theme and tells you a little bit about our beta release plans in one week. 1 WEEK OMG! OMG!

Making combat more accessible It's likely that you have seen a variety of information about the action bar and the way you'll be able to build your own set of buttons for important combat functions. It's also possible to link each button from the display to your keyboard.

If you want to know more about OSRS,you can visit

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