This is actually the initial Animal Crossing game

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#1 Weismart » 18.05.2021, 08:54

This is actually the initial Animal Crossing game that I've ever felt like I am just entirely out of things to do. None of the villagers have anything fresh to say, and that I have not seen any new things (besides seasonal items) in months. All these were core facets of earlier games.

I do not even know whether that's a fantastic reason Nintendo wouldn't wish to bring New Leaf to Change. I don't recall people here stating Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy were just"another port" Nintendo ports are treated differently because there are so few.If you want to know more about AC, you can visit

Besides the poor graphics, I believe New Leaf is just a more comforting and private experience overall in comparison. NH appeared to focus more on seasonal and crafting events/updates versus life sim elements and deep interesting dialogue that builds character, which I miss from New Leaf. They can release 500 more things in NH, but it does not fill the emptiness left by uninspired social interactions.

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