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Candace Parker will be the first woman to make the cover of the NBA2K2K game. 2K, responsible for producing the NBA2K basketball game franchise, announced on Wednesday who will feature on the cover of NBA 2K22. One of the players is Candace Parker, wingman of Chicago Sky and one the important players of the WNBA, American basketball league.

The former Los Angeles Sparks player is first to use the image on the game. She is one of five American individuals selected by the American company. They also include Luka Doncic (the Dallas Mavericks' sensational point guard), Kevin Durant (the Brooklyn Nets' wing) and Dirk Nowitzki (legendary Karem Abdul-Jabbar) and Dirk Nowitzki (legendary Karem and Dirk Nowitzki). In the case for the final three, a distinctive cover will be developed to commemorate 75 years of the NBA. The Parker version can't be bought at GameStop and Doncic is the main character in the more traditional.

On social networks on social media, the athlete acknowledged the feat. She posted "Extremely delighted to be first woman to have covered NBA2K the history of the sport." "I am very honored to be working with a company who invests in women and betting on our success." The player's resume reveals that she holds a WNBA title three MVPs, as well as six Star Game nominations. She is known for her talent and shrewdness in the court, Parker has extensive experience abroad and was Olympic champion twice: 2008, in Beijing, and 2012, in London. The last time she played, the forward was named WNBA Defensive Player of the Year.

"Having the honor of being a broadcaster in 2K was one of my goals and this time being on the cover completes the circle. She expressed her desire that there would be many stable women to emulate her. Her accomplishments don't stop on the court or in video games. In 2019, she was an NBA commentator on TNT which is with Dwyane Wade, who was a former Miami Heat player or replaces one of the members of Inside the NBA, the TNT's flagship show. Shaquille O'Neal as well as Charles Barkley are two of the celebrities who are part of the draw.

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