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Madden 22 Tua Tagovailoa's Madden rating

Добавлено: 06.11.2021, 07:55
This is more fascinating as this mistake is the result of two games by 2K Sports, and two from EA Sports, which are the same games in all sports. Today, a few days later however, it seems that this may remain an issue, according to the Xbox Status page, which has a problem with NBA 2K22; however, it says that it's getting close to a fix.

Another very interesting thing is that Dexerto mentions that they sent a follow-up tweet that mentioned that they were investigating issues regarding Madden 22 and FIFA 22 as mentioned above as well, but that tweet was deleted entirely for some reason. At this point, there is no official temporary fix from Microsoft. Microsoft is merely encouraging users to keep checking back for further information.

However, as we said in our initial post about the problem, YouTuber Nvad3 has offered an immediate fix by pressing the d-pad for a long time until you are able to load The City when trying to load MyCareer.

The map causes the game to crash. You can cancel out of the game prior to the crash appearing in order to prevent this. The map is opened after the fact though can still cause the crash, so try to avoid it at present. It's clear that this is an interim fix, so I hope there is a additional official fix for the Xbox console crashing with NBA 2K22 along with Madden 22 and FIFA 22. Fans have been waiting for this update for a few months now, especially if it is affecting more than one game.

Madden 22 Tua Tagovailoa's Madden rating decreases with the latest week 2 roster update. In the past I've witnessed people feel very frustrated by Madden ratings. Each year, I try my best to stay up to date with Madden trends and roster changes each week.

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