How to Perform IMAP Migration to Office 365?

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#1 johnjorge » 18.11.2019, 12:30

Moving from IMAP to Office 365 enhanced productivity and security, in such scenarios, migrating with the right approach is necessary.

You can choose to Migrate the content of user Mailboxes from an Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) to Office 365. I am going to show you How to Perform IMAP Migration to Office 365 By using EdbMails IMAP Migration tool.


Just Simple Steps for Migrating IMAP to Office 365 using EdbMails Application:

1 Download the EdbMails Application

2 Start your free trail to access the Application

3 Select IMAP Migration

4 Connect to Source IMAP server

5 Perform IMAP to Office 365 Migration

Appropriate Message will be displayed after the Completion of migration operation.

Latest features are:

Compatible with all the IMAP Server.
Easy and efficient Migration.
Moves file from IMAP to different Mailbox.
IMAP offers Simultaneous access facilities.
Advanced filter
Quick and secure Migration Process.
Migrate multiple G suite at once to Office 365.
Maintains the quality and original form.
Free trail version to test all the features.
24/7 Support with live chat and phone calls.
Simple and straight forward user interface.
Application Provides a free Demo version which allows you to Migrate 30 item from each and every folder and also you can verify all the features before purchasing the license

Know more : IMAP Migration Tool

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#2 samairahopes » 09.12.2020, 11:05

To perform IMAP to Office 365 Migration you should Opt WholeClear IMAP to Office 365 Converter Tool. Which is capable of export of any IMAP account to an Exchange Online account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, G Suite, and many more.

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