How complex the manual methods to Exchange recovery compared to EdbMails?

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#1 marina123 » 09.11.2019, 09:39

Firstly I would like to explain to you how you can perform Exchange server recoverywith Exchange management shell

Step 1: Use Get-MailboxStatistics to see the list of all mailboxes in a database. It can also be used to find out the size of the mailbox, a number of messages contained within it as well as the last time it was accessed.
For Example

Get-MailboxStatistics –Database<DatabaseIdParameter>

Step 2: Use the New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet to export EDB file to PST archive.

New-MailboxExportRequest [-Mailbox] <MailboxOrMailUserIdParameter> -FilePath <LongPath>
For Example:

New-MailboxExportRequest-Mailbox Admin01 –FilePath’’\\SERVER03\PSTArchives\Admin01.pst”

Step 3: To know the status of currently running export requests use Get-MailboxExportRequest :


Step 4: Once the process is complete, remove the export requests as shown below:

Remove-MailboxExportRequest [-Identity]<MailboxExportRequestIdParameter>

This manual method will help you to perform Exchange recovery for free. But looking at the steps you might feel like complex. Exactly what right, to perform Exchange recovery with manual methods you have to do complex steps and it takes more time to complete the process and one more thing is you should be technically expert to perform these steps.

Now the question is “Still you would like to do with complex manual methods”? If not, then the easiest way to do Exchange server recovery is with third party tool

But there are countless tools are available, How can you know which ones to focus on first? Here I would like to suggest you focus on the EdbMails Exchange database recovery tool which is the very realistic tool to perform Exchange recovery. Why because like EdbMails move to the rapid process is almost always better. And although upgrading to the faster methods can make for smooth operation

So EdbMails is the best third party tool to perform error-free Exchange recovery within a minute. For the Exchange recovery perspective, the application has provided an intuitive platform to work with Exchange recovery. Even with the most competitive tool, EdbMails got success because of its advanced features. Application built-in with the deep scanning algorithm that let the Exchange user for complete mailbox recovery within a minute of implementation.

So whenever you need to perform Exchange recovery choose EdbMails Exchange recovery software for the best result.

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#2 mariyalilly00 » 08.05.2022, 13:09

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