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1. What is Minecraft Classic?
The very first version of Minecraft was released on 13/05/2009 with the name “RD-132211” or “Cave game” in other words.

Because this is the first version released, the game's graphics are not very eye-catching. In this version, you can only build basic buildings from the game's typical 3D rock and earth blocks. Gradually, the game’s new versions have been published, attached with a couple of improvements to give players the best experiences. And one of the earliest editions is Minecraft Classic - the version that allows you to play directly through your browser for free.

2. When was Minecraft Classic released?
As of 2021, Minecraft has emerged for 12 years. This Classic edition was released on the 10th anniversary of Minecraft to celebrate. Before this publishing, players only accessed the game through downloading to their PC.
Website: http://minecraft-classic.com

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