Nvidia Video Card Issues

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#1 spadekevin » 18.07.2018, 10:19


I am now running Mint and loving it. I plan to use it as my main OS on my laptop to keep me fresh in Linux and hopefully sharpen my skills, even slightly.
Anyway, my problem. My laptop has an i5 Skylake and an nvidia Geforce 940m. Getting things to where I am now has been a bit of a struggle. By default the OS was of course using xserver-xorg-video-noveau. However, I wanted to use the nvidia as my primary video card. I installed the latest (non-beta) driver from nvidia and rebooted. When rebooting though, Cinnamon would crash and enter fallback mode. Trying to reload it would just cause it to crash again. So, I went back to the original driver and rebooted. I purged nvidia* and reinstalled the nvidia driver. When rebooting again, Cinnamon was stable. However, my nvidia settings are blank and I am pretty sure I am using the integrated Intel graphics.
Can anyone give me a hand in trying to get this to work?

Please help.

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#2 Ylita » 22.01.2020, 12:22

When rebooting though, Cinnamon would crash and enter fallback mode.

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