This is a simple fix to the most basic problem

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#1 Skyzhay » 30.11.2021, 07:37

Reward. 4000 Slayer and Firemaking experience and 8000 Runecrafting Experience, promotion to Acolyte provided you have done miniquests, and access to Acolyte Armor. Your so excited. That day, you already have two kills. A 12/9 ko for your Dds and a single Ko for a guy that's missing...

Now you've got enough money to buy something that you've saved for since its inception. The BGS... Finally you can go around and kill people with your 87 strength. You accepted the invitation. 23532,300gp... It immediately buys. It is a click away to remove it... It comes out in the form of... A note? You then spot an opponent on your level who has just gotten an easy kill. If you can use your BGS quickly enough, you will be able to KO him and get his d-legs... Then you decide to bank and un-bank your BGS... You head to take on him... Too late, and the ten second timer is over...

This is one of many situations that you may find yourself in. It can be frustrating buying one thing and then take it out from the G.E. It is a small note. Personally, I find it annoying. A lot of you will think, "Well, just bank that - it's not a major issue, so don't be the fool!" Yes it is possible to do that. However, if you are purchasing just one item (I.E. one weapon) Why do you need to deposit it in a bank, simply because it comes out as an account?

The recommendation: If you have enough inventory space (Say that you have seven empty slots in your inventory) and you have purchased an dds, it should come out as an item. It should be an item if there is enough inventory space. If it doesn't have enough storage space, it should be listed as a note. Of of course, if you purchase 200 lobsters, then it's an account (duh) However, if you only need four, and you already have four slots in your inventory, why should you have to bank it again?

This is a simple fix to the most basic problem. Let's begin by looking at the small things. This year's focus is about fixing them. Questions? Comments? Ideas? Do you simply want to tell me that I'm an idiot? All constructive criticism is welcome! If you want to know more about can go

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