Video Game Sequels Coming Out in 2021

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If anything, video games are thriving despite everything that is happening around us. In 2021, we can expect some good titles on the shelves, some of which are sequels to the games we have so loved. Today, let us take a look at what the year has to offer in terms of game sequels.
New Pokemon Snap
This game is a follow-up to a really old one—the Pokemon Snap that was released way back in 1999. One great thing that all Pokemon fans are anticipating is the presence of more than 200 Pokemon characters. What we love about this release is that it has taken into account new characters in the past while the franchise was growing.

The game is about photography. There is a character called Professor Mirror, and his job is to judge whether or not your photography skills are up to par with his standards. The New Pokemon Snap is coming out on April 30.
Resident Evil Vil

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