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24.05.2018, 11:57
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Тема: demanding that NVIDIA
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demanding that NVIDIA

Hello, Despite the cryptocurrency market’s recent drop, cryptocurrency miners are still able to produce a sizeable profit. In 2017 the global cryptocurrency market grew at an exceptional rate and this also caused a huge spike in cryptocurrency miners. Currently, cryptocurrency miners can receive a f...
24.05.2018, 11:55
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Hello, NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) provides researchers and data scientists with simple access to a comprehensive catalog of GPU-optimized software tools for deep learning and high performance computing (HPC) that take full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs. The NGC container registry features NVIDIA tuned, teste...
24.05.2018, 11:53
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Hello, im looking to buy a new DELL laptop and i cant find to much on laptop graphics cards and archi cad.. just wanted to check is the GeForce cards are fine for archi cad before buying the lap top.. specificly the GT 550M and/or the GT525M AC12/13/14/15 Please help I didn't find the right solution...
24.05.2018, 11:52
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Тема: new BIOS for NVIDIA laptop GPU problems
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new BIOS for NVIDIA laptop GPU problems

Hello, I know about NVIDIA's. NVIDIA's stands for Titanium. It doesn't mean anything in particular (there's no special relationship between the GTX 780 and 780 Ti, or 660 and 660 Ti for example) it just means NVIDIA ran out of model numbers and had to make up some inbetween ones. NVIDIA's mobile gra...
11.05.2018, 12:34
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Тема: Cause of choppy graphics & sound?
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Cause of choppy graphics & sound?

Hi, Kind of illiterate when it comes to tech related stuff, so hoping to get some advice on how to resolve some performance issues I've been experiencing.Over the past two weeks I've notice that my graphics and sound have been stuttering or getting choppy every few seconds, especially when I'm runni...

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