How to keep your Verizon email safe from hackers?

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Here are some basic — but crucial — steps you can take to secure your email:

1. Choose a strong password
2. Use a password manager
3. Be careful with security questions
4. Beware email attachments and hyperlinks
5. Don’t send private data via email
6. Avoid Public Wi-Fi
7. Use antivirus software
8. Be sure to install a good antivirus program on your computer and keep it up to date.
9. Be careful about sharing your email address with the public
10. Learn to spot phishing emails
11. Set up two-factor authentication
12. Avoid chain letters
13. Learn the difference between BCC & CC
14. Don’t forget forget to log out

To know more about various Verizon email problems, Contact Verizon Support +1-800-982-1502.

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